Hi there, I'm Hoodik 👋

Hoodik is a lightweight, secure, and self-hosted cloud storage solution. It's designed and built with Rust and Vue, focusing on end-to-end encryption that shields your data from prying eyes and hackers. Hoodik supports file uploading and downloading, making it easy for you to share files with other users. The simple and intuitive web interface makes file management a breeze. Thanks to Rust's focus on speed and performance, your data transfers will be lightning fast.

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End To End Encryption

With hybrid cryptography and key wrapping, your data is encrypted in the browser and is decrypted only again in the browser. The server knows only your public key.


Metadata is tokenized and stored so it can easily be searched without needing to decrypt, offering fast and easy way to find your files.

Public link sharing

You can easily share your files with anyone by creating a public link. Sharing is done by encrypting the file key with a public link key which is then shared with anyone, you can easily set the expiry of your link or delete it when you want without revealing the actual file key.

Low footprint and fast performance

Built with backend in Rust and frontend in Vue.js, the app is lightweight and fast. The app is also built with performance in mind and is optimized for fast loading and rendering. With less then 20mb ram usage it can run on (almost) any x86 server instance. ARM coming soon...

Easy install

Installs with a simple Docker command and is ready to use instantly. No need for additional configurations. But if you want, there are plenty of options to configure it perfectly for your use case.

Check it out on GitHub!

Installation instructions are there, install it, try it out and give it a star ⭐️

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